Business Psychology Certification


The ABP Business Psychology Certification provides a route for ABP members to achieve ‘Business Psychologist’ status by evidencing their experience, expertise, competencies and skill across core psychology and business areas.

Levels of Certification

There are three levels of certification; Associate Business Psychologist, Senior Business Psychologist and Fellow of the Association of Business Psychology.

Entry Requirements

There are currently no academic entry requirements, however you will need to  demonstrate that you work in a role where you apply psychological practice in business.


£50 initial application fee, £1995 + VAT to progress your application.

From June 1st 2019 the application fee will increase to £2,495 + VAT.



 There are three levels of certification:

Associate Business Psychologist

Demonstrates a broad understanding of some aspects of the approach, philosophy and practice of business psychology.  Individuals may work in a supportive role with more experienced colleagues or mentors, or they may function as part of a team.

Senior Business Psychologist

Demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the key psychological principles of understanding, designing and managing people, processes and organisations. Candidates will be experienced individuals who are likely to have leadership and or management expertise in key areas and demonstrate impact and influence.  

Fellow of the Association of Business Psychology

Candidates for this level will have a sustained record of leadership and influence in Business Psychology, and will actively champion Business Psychology. 

For each of the three levels, evidence is required which shows understanding and experience across some or all of the following core areas:

    • Business Psychology Areas of Practice (selection and assessment; strategy and organisational effectiveness; learning and development; behavioural science; human motivation and wellbeing)
    • The Consulting Cycle (advise, diagnose, design, implement, evaluate)
    • Professional Business Practice (e.g. commercial acumen, law, ethics, diversity)
    • ABP Values (being inclusive, being accessible, promoting business psychology, demonstrating best practice, building capability)


Making an Application

Before making an initial application you should review the Route to Certification Handbook and/or watch the Certification Webinar. You should also consider whether your current job would provide you with the relevant opportunity to evidence some or the entire core areas required.  These can be found in the Forms, Handbooks and Additional Information section.

The first step to completing your application is to ensure that you are a member of the ABP. You can submit an application for membership online via the membership section of the ABP website.

The second stage is to complete the initial short application form and submit your £50+VAT (£60) payment. The £50 fee will be deducted from the total cost of the certification. You should email your initial application form and CV to quoting the payment reference.

Once your initial application has been approved you should confirm via that you would like to proceed and complete the certification. You will then be issued with an invoice to pay the remaining fees. Once you have paid the remaining fees you will be allocated a mentor.


Forms and Handbook






 Listen to ABP Chair Steve Apps talk through the certification background and process below

For access to the full webinar please contact to register for the password to access.  


For more information about the certification please contact