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More and more people are taking an interest in Business Psychology and wondering how to find their way into this profession.

Whilst many still take the more traditional occupational psychology route, being a Business Psychologist isn’t just about having the bit of paper that says you have an appropriate qualification.  Being a practitoner of Business Psychology is fundamentally about combining clear insights into the human condition with a strong practical focus on applying this understanding within the work place.

Guidance on a career path to becoming a practitioner of Business Psychology, and then how to develop your skills once you've got there, hasn’t always been that readily available. So in this section we will regularly provide you with new articles on topics such as:

  • Available careers
  • Choosing a university course
  • Make the most of attending a Masters course
  • How to find that first job
  • Developing a breadth of experience
  • Mastering the 'lingo bingo' - learn how to speak "acronym"