The ABP POW podcasts explore the role of psychology at work - both  in optimising individual satisfaction and performance and creating work environments that are engaging, ethical and productive. We consider the challenges and opportunities brought by the ever-shifting, complex and uncertain world of work in which we find ourselves, calling on leading thinkers in the field to offer insight into how businesses can rise to meet these, and whatever may be coming next. These podcasts are for anyone with a keen interest in people, business and the world of work - what that looks like today and what it may look like tomorrow. Join us to explore these ideas, hear from from the experts, and gather fresh perspectives on psychology at work.

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  • Leadership, Entrepreneurship and the Changing World of Work

    In this episode we take a deep dive into the themes of leadership and entrepreneurship in the evolving workplace. What makes a good leader? When do we want people to demonstrate entrepreneurial skills in business - and when don’t we? 

  • An interview with Professor Peter Saville

    Professor Saville is the founder and chair of 10x Psychology Limited and is widely credited with establishing the modern UK industry of occupational psychology. He has been described as "one of the most influential psychologists of our time."

  • New deal or poor deal? Workers' experiences in the gig economy

    You will have almost certainly bought from Amazon. You may have travelled in an Uber taxi. You, or someone you know, may rely on home help from a carer. But have you ever considered what it's really like to work in one of those jobs, as part of the so-called gig economy?