ABP Corporate membership proposition 

The ABP is pursuing a growth strategy: we would like to grow our membership by developing our offer for organisations such as yours. Our purpose is to drive engagement between the ABP, consultancies and companies interested in Business Psychology. Below, we outline what corporate membership entitles you to – and the costs associated with membership.  We can tailor and flex the package to suit you.

Key benefits:
    • The opportunity to align your organisation to the ABP brand
    • The chance to learn and benefit from cutting edge thinking in business psychology
Corporate membership

Corporate Membership fees are currently a straight multiple of the annual individual membership fee, i.e. the number of colleagues sponsored x £65.00 [plus VAT], plus a one off registration fee of £250 [plus VAT] .  


Other benefits included free of charge
  1. 10% discount to attend any other ABP event for any member
  2. Media and spokesperson contact
  3. Appearance on ABP website
  4. Right to use ABP corporate logo on marketing materials
Additional benefits at cost
    1. Academic support (plus £1,000)
    2. Option to host a forum for the ABP* (£1,250)

The main features and commercial and non-commercial benefits are outlined in this table below:




Becoming business psychology employer of choice

Any employee whom you nominate will become an ABP member.  The value of employees being able to add ‘ABP member’ to their CV and to attend a series of skill or knowledge development events demonstrates your commitment to being an employer of choice, as well as demonstrating your respect for intellectual stimulation and your people’s ongoing career development.  You will also have the ability to advertise jobs on the ABP website for free. These are then further shared via social media.

Free postings on ABP job’s board

You will also have the ability to advertise jobs on the ABP website for free. These are then further shared via social media.

Free entry to speaker events


Our monthly speaker events are an excellent opportunity to learn some of the latest thoughts and research in the business psychology and consumer psychology spheres.  They also offer a good opportunity to network.  These are good events to share and demonstrate your commitment to ongoing learning and thought leadership.  These events are free to all ABP members. 

Reduced price Workshop attendance


Our workshops are engaging, dynamic and delivered by professionals whose credentials and reputations are established.  The programme usually offers a mixture of evening workshops, day long events and webinars.  Non-member costs to attend day long workshops, typically £300 - £400.  Your sponsored employees attend at member rates: typically £120 - 175  (Typical CIPD run workshops are £600)


In-company training

In addition, the ABP can offer to run exclusive in house events for your members, charged at cost by the trainer – either a repeat of open programmes of bespoke for your organisation

10% discount to attend conference & one free conference ticket per 10 people sponsored

We run an annual conference and awards event.  Your corporate membership would entitle your members to a 10% discount on these and any other events. In addition we offer one FREE conference place for every 10 members you sponsor value approx. £400

Media and spokesperson contact

We occasionally receive requests from the media for comment and by having you as a corporate member, we can ensure we place you on the list of spokespeople to be contacted.  Please note however, journalists are invariably last minute so requests are not guaranteed to be timely!

Having a central contact within your organisation to whom we can direct all offers, calls for papers, submissions for awards and so on, ensures your entire organisation have the opportunity to participate 

Appearance on ABP website

Inclusion of your logo on a page to be developed for our corporate members. 

Right to use the ABP corporate logo on marketing materials

An external statement to customers and employees of your commitment to understanding and applying best practise psychology in business.

Academic support

Many organisations benefit from the development of white papers and support from the academic world in terms of evidence based practise.  We accredit 9 business and consumer psychology masters courses.  Where we can we will introduce and help provide support from our course director community to enable you to achieve more research credibility around your corporate goals/aims and objectives.  The legwork in investigating this and finding the professor/tutor to partner with you is offered free to corporate membership.

The option to host a breakfast or lunch forum

The chance to hear from peer and competitor organisations in a safe environment.  The ABP will contact other ABP corporate members or members from our immediate community and where appropriate academic thought leaders and other industry leaders.  For the purpose of clarity, the ABP would offer to contact people and provide the administrative support. You would cover the costs of hosting.