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Are you carrying out some ground-breaking research? Do you have some evidence-based work to share with our members? 

We invite our members to submit articles to the ABP.  Articles are assessed on a case by case basis, with no guarantee of publication. We are sorry that we cannot provide feedback on articles received. 

We ask that all articles meet these criteria:

  •  Not more than 1000 words in length
  • Should be relevant to our members – there should be a focus on how to apply best practice psychology in the workplace
  • There should be evidence for points made.  References to journal articles where this might be appropriate are encouraged
  • Language should be clean, easy and straightforward to read. 
  • Should be practical.  Can our readers take on board and apply what they learn from reading your article? 


Before submitting the article, please answer the following questions as we will promote the content on social media and this helps us to correctly frame and position your work:

  •  Who might benefit most from reading this?
  • What value will our members get from it?


We will publish those articles we feel meet these criteria. 


When submitting, please also include a short bio about yourself (no more than 100 words) and your membership number.  If you have social media handles you’d like us to use, please also supply these.


If you have an article which meets the above criteria, and you have identified the value to our members, please send the finished article as a Word document to . We aim to respond within one month.  


If you would like to get involved with writing content for the ABP more generally, or are willing to undertake book reviews, please complete our volunteer application form  and let us know what you'd like to do and why you would be great at this. We would love to get you involved!