Who We Are

The Association for Business Psychology was established in 2000, with the sole purpose championing business psychology.  The ABP sets out to achieve this by:

  • Being inclusive: the home and the voice of those with an interest in Business Psychology
  • Being accessible: making the application of psychology in business user-friendly
  • Promoting Business Psychology: raising awareness of the benefits of BP for people and organisations
  • Demonstrating best practice: sharing examples of business psychology’s effective application in the workplace
  • Building capability: enabling the development of knowledge and skills in business psychology
  • Being sustainable: we operate as a financially sound association


The ABP will achieve this sole purpose of championing business psychology through:

  • Increasing ABP membership to increase and enhance the community contributing to and benefitting from the Association
  • Providing benefits to members that support the continuous learning and application of psychology best-practice within organisations
  • Engaging with the wider business psychology community in support of the Association's evolution
  • Providing accreditation to courses and institutions supporting the development of students in business psychology
  • Recognising and celebrating contributions to best practice in Business Psychology


The Association for Business Psychology is a growing association of approximately 700 members, mostly in the Principal grade of membership (this is approximately equivalent to Chartered status in bodies which hold a Royal Charter). 

However, the ABP recognises that not all people who successfully apply psychological principles to the world of work are eligible for Chartership within the British Psychological Society.  For this reason, the ABP actively encourages members who have substantial business experience but who also have a good working knowledge of psychology and how it can be applied for the benefit of individuals and organisations, and use this knowledge in the course of their work. 

Code of Conduct

All members of the ABP are obliged to comply with codes of ethics and professional conduct, as outlined in the following documents:


Additional Information

Prior to December 2013, the ABP was called, “The Association of Business Psychologists”. On the 9th of December 2013, the majority of our members voted to change the name to “The Association for Business Psychology.”

This change of name recognises the ABP's ongoing commitment to be an inclusive organisation, recognising that interest in this field often exists in individuals who are not necessarily psychologists or in training to become a psychologist.