Our Vision   

“The Home and Voice of Business Psychology”

To be widely recognised as promoting professional excellence and a community of practice in business psychology, advocating and developing the informed application of its research, bodies of knowledge and methodologies by all those involved in improving business performance and the quality of working lives.

Our Mission (What we do, who for, how)


“We help members to improve relationships between people and the organisations they create, based on an evidence-based understanding of people’s behaviour. We do this everywhere.”


What do we do?

We run events (conference, awards, training, speaking), accredit relevant University courses, publish articles and books, moderate a LinkedIn group, support local networks and build partnerships with other associations.  

Who for?

Those who have an interest in and respect for psychology at work, whether a practicing Business Psychologist; a Student or Academic in this field; an HR, Learning, Resourcing or OD practitioner; or an Executive or Manager keenly interested in how psychology shapes them and their ability to lead and engage others.


  • Being inclusive: welcomingall those who embrace Business Psychology
  • Being accessible: helping to make the application of Business Psychology user-friendly
  • Promoting Business Psychology: raising awareness of the specialist value of Business Psychology for people and organisations
  • Demonstrating best practice: sharing examples of Business Psychology’s application
  • Building capability: enabling the development of Business Psychology knowledge/skills
    • Being sustainable: operating as a financially sound Association


Because when it comes to work, everything which results in success (employee and customer engagement, efficiency and productivity, profit and happiness) is the result of good practice using business psychology.

Domains of Practice:

  • Employee psychology
  • Marketing psychology
  • Consumer psychology
  • Behavioural economics


In commercial and public sector organisations, not-for-profits and social enterprises

Our Goals


“Ensure visibility and impact to a broad-base, whilst ensuring financial sustainability”

  1. Increase the visibility and impact of the ABP with our key stakeholders as defined in our mission
  2. Create a more diverse, broad based membership who is actively involved in the exchange of information and mutual learning, so as to improve the effective application of psychology in the world of work
  3. Fundamentally improve the financial viability of the ABP so that we can actively invest in activities that benefit our members 
Our Objectives for 2018



  • Specifically target sign up from our pool of ABP Accredited University course students.
  • Set up an ABP Advisory Board consisting of key influencers in the Business Psychology sphere
  • Drive Corporate Membership sign up from the main Business Psychology consultancies and organisations with pools of in-house practitioners.
  • Recruit 3-4 new ABP Board members.


Member Benefits

  • Promote our member benefits more clearly
  • Produce a consistent up-to-date script/process for introducing the ABP at the beginning/end of events
  • Offer our core evening speaker events free of charge to members.
  • Consider additional benefits which we might offer to members such as access to research, deals on co-working spaces, access to employee benefits etc.
  • Consider running a (maybe virtual) student conference/event
  • Run a member survey with results just for members
  • Build on the success of our webinar series ‘Practical People Assessment’ with webinar series on ‘business skills’ and ‘consultancy skills’


Process and Systems

  • Update and create maps of key processes such as student membership transition to full membership, corporate member sign-up, new member joining, lapsed members, Board Member recruitment, volunteer selection/recruitment/onboarding, pricing, payment options, communications strategy, training etc.
  • Provide a source of knowledge and guidance to ABP members around GDPR.
  • Ensure ABP compliance with GDPR
  • Implement new back-office systems for email, document management and virtual collaboration
  • Upgrade current website



  • Complete the Business Psychologist Certification pilot, launch and complete the first wave of applicants.